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Finding journals in databases or articles inside journals using this system is not possible. Please perform such searches inside databases and journals in their websites.

Data of subscribed databases may be copied (transferred to computer, printed, etc.) only in small quantities (One article from one journal or up to 20% of electronic book during one session). It shall be strictly prohibited to copy information completely. Transfer of such data to third parties, placement into web sites or use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. These legal relations are regulated by Law on Copyright and related rights of the Republic of Lithuania.


The HathiTrust Digital Library brings together the vast collections of major research institutions and libraries. This collection includes records for material in the public domain. However, access to small number of materials might be temporarily restricted due to copyright validation. Only customers located outside of the United States should activate this collection. 

collection of open access journals

Hindawi Publishing Corporation publishes book and journals on a variety of subjects.

open access repository

HKIR is a meta-search gateway to institutional repositories in Hong Kong. It covers records of scholarly and research output harvested from eight government-funded universities. In Primo Central, the collection offers theses, articles and technical reports.


This collection includes a selection of open access articles from hybrid titles. 

electronic journal

The journal in the field of librarianship and scholarly communication.

open access repository

Records in this collections represent various collections available online through American Memory, Global Gateway, and elsewhere on the Library of Congress web site.

open access repository

The collection contains the open access materials of the Lirias document repository which serves as the digital archive of KU Leuven Association research. The resources include articles, conference proceedings, dissertations, text reviews and book chapters and span the range of humanities, social sciences, and sciences as well as law, engineering and biomedical research.

open access data archive

The largest collection of digital data in the social sciences and humanities in Lithuania


Maney is an independent publishing company specialising in peer-reviewed print and electronic format academic journals. Subjects include materials science and engineering, the humanities and social sciences, and health science.

collection of electronic books

It is possible to access over 4000 scientific resources in electronic Adobe PDF format. Hundreds of these books can be downloaded for free by the chapter or the entire book.