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Finding journals in databases or articles inside journals using this system is not possible. Please perform such searches inside databases and journals in their websites.

Data of subscribed databases may be copied (transferred to computer, printed, etc.) only in small quantities (One article from one journal or up to 20% of electronic book during one session). It shall be strictly prohibited to copy information completely. Transfer of such data to third parties, placement into web sites or use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. These legal relations are regulated by Law on Copyright and related rights of the Republic of Lithuania.

collection of open access journals

Open access scholarly articles in Art and Humanities.

electronic journal

Publication of social sciences, published by Mykolas Romeris University


The collection contains full-text research journals in fields of biomedicine, medicine, life sciences, physics, mathematics, engineering, computing, humanities, social sciences, etc. 


open access repository

This collection includes Open Access articles provided by Springer, all available free of charge. Articles published under the Bohn Stafleu van Loghum are not included.

electronic book

Steger, U., Achterberg, W., Blok, K., Bode, H., Frenz, W., Gather, C., Hanekamp, G., Imboden, D., Jahnke, M., Kost, M., Kurz, R., Nutzinger, H. G., Ziesemer, T., 2005


SwePub provides the publications of 30 Swedish universities -- including articles, conference papers, dissertations, and more -- for search. Topics range the gamut of research fields.


Full text journals in fields of humanities, social sciences, medicine, public health, etc.


electronic journal

Yearbook of geography, published by Insitute of Geology and Geography

collection of electronic books

A searchable and well organized repository of open textbooks and other digital resources. A project of the State of Florida.