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Established back in 1570, closely intertwined with the history of Vilnius University, Lithuania and Europe, during the long centuries Vilnius University Library has been fostering academic culture and traditions at the same time fearlessly facing challenges and introducing innovative solutions.

Mission: In line with the mission of Vilnius University, to create an inviting environment that supports information search, studies, research, and cultural learning.

Our values:


  • We foster the values of the University
  • We are proud of the rich cultural heritage held in our library, we protect it and make it accessible to the public
  • Building on the experience of earlier generations, we continue to establish new traditions


  • We are professionals striving for quality
  • We encourage professional and personal growth of employees
  • We honour our commitments and keep our promises
  • Each and every one of us is an ambassador of our organization


  • Our partnership with users and colleagues is based on trust and respect
  • In providing our services we enhance the interaction between scientific research, studies and business
  • In striving to achieve common goals we share our experience and knowledge


  • We value the freedom to express our attitudes, thoughts and ideas
  • We create an open environment for studies, research, work and communication
  • Our activities are based on transparent interaction with others


  • We strive to anticipate and meet the changing needs of our users and even exceed their expectations
  • We introduce innovative solutions and flexibility into our work
  • We face challenges by taking creative and efficient decisions