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Vilnius University (later – VU) Library‘s merchandise could be used by VU workers, students, and media representatives, who creates annunciations, articles or other material coherent with VU Library. Non VU community members could use Library’s merchandise only with VU Library’s Communication and Information Department’s permission:

Tel. Number: (8 5) 268 7133 


VU Library’s logo

Major English Achromatic
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Photo Gallery

VU Central Library (interior)
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VU Central Library (exterior)
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VU Library Scholarly Communication and Information Centre (interior)
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VU Library Scholarly Communication and Information Centre (exterior)
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VU Library Scholarly Communication and Information Centre (technologies)
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VU Library Directors
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Director General Irena Krivienė

Director for Innovation and Infrastructure Development
Dr. Jūratė Kuprienė

Director for Information, Research and Cultural Activities Dr. Marija Prokopčik


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