In an exhibition by Estonian artists – positive dialogue with time

In May Vilnius University Library holds the exhibition “Diapositive” by Reiu Tüür and Peeter Krosmann. This will be the second joint exhibition of the two Estonian artists living in Lithuania.

reiu PeeterDiapositive is a positive photographic image on transparent material used with a projector for viewing images. Diapositive, or slides in today’s digital world is a somewhat nostalgic and almost forgotten way to freeze the memory fragment. A positive image, in contrast to the negative, does not need to undergo darkroom transformation. The moment from the memory projected on the screen is authentic, touched only by time.

According to Reiu Tüür, diapositive is akin to the positive dialogue with time.

“In the end of the last year together with Peeter we were taking part in an exhibition “Dialogues”, which was organised by Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty students. This exhibition is a continuation of the previous one. We are Estonian artists living in Kaunas, which has been a capital of Lithuania 100 years ago. “Diapositive” is our attempt to start a positive dialogue with Vilnius”, says Mr Tüür.

Peeter Krosmann started studying art in Konrad Mägi Painting Studio in 1989; in 2005 Mr Krosmann obtained his BA in the University of Tartu, The Institute of Cultural Research and Fine Arts, Department of Painting. Since 2000 Peeter has been teaching painting, illustration, animation and comics in Tartu Art School. The artist is mostly known for his traditional landscape and portrait paintings and working from life, lithography, comics and sgraffito. In the exhibition Peeter will introduce his newest works, which reflect the Lithuanian period of the artist’s life. The visitors will recognise Kaunas and Vilnius, captured on canvas from unexpected angles.

Reiu Tüür has graduated from Estonian Academy of Arts in 1998; he has obtained Master’s in Arts Management in London City University in 2001. Since 1993 Reiu Tüür has been the member of Kursi Koolkond artist group; he is a member of Estonian Artists’ Association since 1994. Reiu has been actively exhibiting his work since 1993 in various galleries across the world. In Lithuania he has held four personal exhibitions. The focus of Mr Tüür’s work is analysing the details from the past – people who are already gone, lives that are already forgotten and cities that can no longer be entered.

The most recent works created in Lithuania will be featured in the exhibition.

The exhibition will be on view in the Gallery of Vilnius University Library on 6–24 May (3rd Floor, Universiteto Street 3).

The opening of the exhibition will take place on 6 May (Monday) at 3pm.

Peeter Krosmann’s art work

Virtual Reiu Tüür’s exhibition in Vilnius City Library.

Video from the exhibition “Dialogues”

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