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Exhibition “Freedom will not be handed on a silver platter”


An exhibition “Freedom will not be handed on a silver platter” presents Lithuania’s quest for freedom through ego-documents – historical sources of personal nature kept at Vilnius University Library’s Manuscripts Department, i.e. memoirs, diaries, correspondence, testimonies and documents of identification. These valuable items bear witness to the outset of the first Lithuanian independence as well as the time after it was declared: sacrifice of volunteers defending Lithuania, our country’s struggle in between the two World Wars, the beginning of the Second World War and the loss of independence, fight of partisans for Lithuania’s freedom, Soviet occupation, horrors of deportation to Siberia experienced by Lithuanian nation, exile to the West, Lithuania’s Sąjūdis Reform Movement and reestablishment of Lithuania’s independence in 1990.

The exhibition is on display in the White Hall of VU Central Library (Universiteto g. 3) until 31 August.