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Exhibition „Tracking the Reformation Heritage: From Prussian Soil to Siena, Italy“

2017-05-16 to 2017-06-11

The exhibition is on display in the White Hall of VU Central Library (Universiteto g. 3) until 11th June 2017.

Vilnius University professor Dainora Pociūtė-Abukevičienė studies the early modern period of Lithuanian culture, literature and religious thought, history of Reformation and Protestantism in Lithuania, and the historical ties of Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Italy. Her attention is often drawn to new themes unexamined by previous researchers, such as antitrinitarian debate in Lithuania or the history of modern medicine with the focus on its social and cultural aspects. Her findings are presented in Lithuanian and international conferences, various academic disputes, and public lectures.

In 2015, for her formidable input in the research of historical Lithuanian-Italian cultural ties and the promotion of academic relationship between the two countries, Dainora Pociūtė-Abukevičienė was awarded the Order of the Star of Italy – Officer Class.