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Photography Exhibition of Virgilijus Jankauskas “Vydūnas. Life, Death And Thereafter..."

2018-09-12 to 2018-10-13

In 2018, Lithuania commemorates the 150th anniversary of the famous literature classic and philosopher Wilhelm Storost-Vydūnas.

The significance of Vydūnas, one of the most prominent personalities of our culture, is evident. Vydūnas has devoted his entire life to the survival and wakening of the nation. However, his life and deeds still are not as well-known, as such a prominent man of the nation deserves.

Photographer Virgilijus Jankauskas, the author of the exhibition, visually portrays his outlook on Vydūnas and his life.

The aim of the author is to make the life and philosophy of Vydūnas, as well as the knowledge of his unique personality, closer to people, especially young people. It is relevant today, as people of Lithuania would not leave their homeland, if they followed the ideas of Vydūnas, an enlightened person of our nation, when taking a decision concerning emigration.

The exhibition is on display in the Gallery of VU Central Library (Universiteto g. 3) until 13th October.