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Photocopying, printing, digitizing and binding

If you need to print your papers, copy a chapter of a book or to scan your work-book, you are welcome to use multifunctional devices, scanners or copy stands of the Library. For users with special needs the Library provides software for file conversion, Braille printer and electronic magnifier.

Printing and copying

Multifunctional devices of the Central Library are located in the Copy Room. Multifunctional devices of the SCIC can be found in the Leisure, Technology, Communication, Law, Economics and Business reading rooms. One of the multifunctional devices can also be found in the Faculty of Medicine.

Multifunctional devices offer a wide range of options such as black and white or color copying and printing, as well as printing from a USB drive.

You can print your documents from any stationary computer and multifunctional device of the Library. If you want to print a black and white document, choose the option Nespalvotai / Monochrome; if you wish to print a color document, choose Spalvotai / Color.

As the services are not free of charge, users are expected to fill their accounts with copying credit. To do so, one can purchase a credit for €0.5, €1, €2, €5 or €10 at the Medicine Faculty Library, the Information Desk of the SCIC or Central Library’s Information Desk. Activate the received coupon via or directly from the multifunctional device - user’s account will be filled with the indicated amount of money. Log in to the multifunctional devices using your e-identity info: number of the user card and password.


  • A4 black and white – 0,04 €
  • A4 colour – 0,65 €
  • A3 black and white – 0,08 €
  • A3 colour – 1,30 €

Copying of rare, unique documents of the 19th century

  • A4 black and white – 0,25 €
  • A4 colour – 0,45 €
  • A3 black and white – 0,90 €
  • A3 colour – 1,50 €

Doctoral dissertations:

  • Defended before the year 1992 A4 – 0,25 €
  • Defended from 1993 to 2011 A4 – 0,05 €

Scanning, photographing and binding

Nearly every reading room at the Central Library and SCIC has scanners which can be used free of charge.

You are also welcome to use quick scanning of the multifunctional devices. Scanning of one page (colour or black/white) costs 0,01 €.

Copy rooms located in the block A at the SCIC are equipped with copy stands, where you can fix a photo camera or your mobile phone and make digital copies of documents. These services (scanning with scanners and using of copy stands) are free of charge.

Print/Copy room at the Central Library as well as Law Reading Room at the SCIC provide free of charge possibility to bind documents and papers using a spiral coil binding machine. Users only have to buy the right size spiral.


Digitizing at the Central Library special collections departments (Rare Book DepartmentManuscript DepartmentDepartment of Prints and Drawings) is allowed only with the permission of the librarian. Orders will be carried out in 3 days.


  • Rare, unique documents (15th–18th century) and photographs (before 1960):
    5,80 € * per image
  • Rare, unique documents (from 19th century) and photographs (after 1960):
    2,10 €* per image
  • Bound newspapers (before 1945) and other large format documents:
    2,10 € * per image
  • Loading digitized material to the Library’s CD – 0,60 €

50% discount for members of VU community


Law on Copyright and Related Rights

Please remember that the Law on Copyright and Related Rights allows to reproduce an article or short work, or a small part of work exclusively for your individual use.

Article 20. Reproduction of Works for Personal Use

  1.  It shall be permitted for a natural person, without the authorisation of the author or any other owner of copyright, to reproduce, exclusively for his individual use, not for direct or indirect commercial advantage, in a single copy a work published or communicated to the public in any other mode, where the reproduction is a single-action. When works are for the private use reproduced on paper by means of reprography (effected by the use of any kind of photographic technique or some other process having similar effects), the provisions of Article 23 of this Law shall apply. 

Article 23. Reprographic Reproduction of Works

  1. Without the authorisation of the author or other owner of copyright in a work, it shall be permissible to reproduce on paper the following by means of reprography (effected by the use of any kind of photographic technique or by some other process having similar effects):

1) a published article or any other short work, or a short extract of a writing, with or without illustrations, not for direct or indirect commercial advantage, provided that such reproduction is a separate single act. Repeated acts of such reproduction shall be permissible if they are done on unrelated occasions.