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Snacks and tea

At the Central Library you can take your meals and a cup of tea in the Lounge Room located next to the Philosophy Reading Room on the 3rd floor. Here you will find a kettle, some crockery, flatware, dishwashing liquid, and a microwave.

The Communication Corner (3rd floor, at the end of Lithuanian Studies Reading Room corridor), a lobby next to the Professor’s Reading Room, Exhibitions’ corridor, Journals’ Reading Room and corridors of the Oriental Studies Reading Room are designated for conversations and relaxation.

At the SCIC you can take your meals, engage in loud conversations with friends and relax with a cup of tea in Anteroom and the Café situated on the 1st floor in block C.

Users can heat up their food in a microwave located in the Café.

Cold and hot water dispensers are located on every floor in blocks A and B.

The Café and rooms for group work are the only places designated for loud discussions.

Each reading room has a space with lounge chairs and armchairs for relaxation, silent conversations with colleagues. You are welcome to lay down on lounge chairs for a short time relaxation.