Research data is data in any field or area of science or some other information related to scientific research. Usually reasoning, validity and verifying of reasoning is based on the data. The definition of research data includes the following items:

  • Audio/video types;
  • Collections of digital objects that are an outcome of scientific research process;
  • Software content (input and output data, monitoring of the system’s operation, source code, charts);
  • Data files;
  • Content of databases (video/audio records, text files, illustrations);
  • Numerical/descriptive documents;
  • Laboratory or other notes;
  • Methodological or work progression;
  • Models, algorithms, scripts;
  • Photographs, films;
  • Questionnaires, transcripts, summary of codes;
  • Presentations, artefacts, samples, patterns;
  • Standard operational procedures and protocols;
  • Test results and other.

Research data management implies creation, preservation and sharing of both research data and concomitant descriptive metadata thus securing eligibility and reliability of data with regard to confidentiality and data protection issues throughout entire period of data usage. Research data management covers entire process of scientific research starting by research planning, selection of research data and ending with delivery of the data for long-term preservation after the completion of the research.

While carrying out scientific research, employees and students of Vilnius University must adhere to the principles of research data management established by the University. 


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