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DMP Wizard

DMP Wizard is an online tool for creating data management plans that meet the requirements of the Research Council of Lithuania (RCL) and follow the recommendations of the Vilnius University.

There are three reasons why DMP Wizard is the researcher’s best choice when creating data management plans for RCL funded projects:

  • It makes data management plan creation process faster and easier – DMP Wizard offers guiding questions and examples to help users to cover all the necessary points. Users can edit and version their plans. They can compile new plans based on existing ones.
  • It helps to create high quality data management plans which meet the requirements of the RCL and the follow the recommendations Vilnius University – the plans generated by DMP Wizard follow templates that have been approved by the RCL and comply with the Vilnius University Guidelines for Scientific Research Data Management.
  • It allows users to keep their data management plans up-to-date and store in their preferred format – all plans created by the same user can be accessed via their personal dashboard. The plans can be opened in a separate browser window or downloaded in DOCX, PDF or HTML format.

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If you have any questions regarding data management plans or DMP Wizard, please contact Dr Žibutė Petrauskienė (email:; telephone: +370 5 219 5090) or Ms Gintė Medzvieckaitė (email:; telephone: +370 5 219 5062).

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