skandinavistikosUniversiteto str. 5 (Faculty of Philology), LT–01122, Vilnius, Phone: (8 5) 268 7234, Opening hours

Librarian: Jolita Jurėnaitė

In the Library are 6 study places, 2 of them are equipped with computers. Wi-Fi is available.

In the Library are accrued the biggest collection of Scandinavian literature in Lithuania. Placed in Reading room and classrooms, the Library comprise circa 17 000 pieces of books, journals, also music and films.

The Library is constituted by:

  • a literary fiction in Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish;
  • a Scandinavian literary fiction with translation to Lithuanian;
  • a studying material: textbooks, dictionaries, grammars, encyclopedias, etc.;
  • a scientific literature about linguistics, grammar, lexicology, stylistics, history of language, etc.;
  • periodicals;
  • works about history of literature, theories or criticism;
  • famous people (writers, artists) biographies;
  • art albums of fine arts, painting, architecture, design, photography, etc.;
  • works about Scandinavian countries social, political, economic, cultural aspects;
  • Scandinavian artists’ records of music and various movies.

Information about the full list of Library publications search in VU Library catalogue.


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