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On 15 October, in honour of its memorable 450th anniversary, Vilnius University Library launched an online exhibit “Books and Non-Books” on Google Arts & Culture platform. The exhibition invites you to see the most interesting and spectacular documents kept in the library and with their help immerse yourself into an unforgettable story, which, as we anticipate, will shake your perception of the wold, at the same time keeping it quite incomprehensible. To the exhibition >

Unique documentary heritage documents kept at Vilnius University Library become even more open to the public – the library has launched a spectacular digital exhibition “Map of Threads” on an international art and culture platform “Google Arts & Culture”. The exhibition will take its visitors to the rich and intriguing world of one of the most distinguished Jesuit scholars of the 17th century Athanasius Kircher and will lead them through pages that are full of incredible discoveries.

The digital exposition “Map of Threads” is presented through the international platform Google Arts & Culture, which at present unites two thousand museums, galleries and various cultural organizations all over the world. It is the first exhibition of VU Library presented through this platform. To the exhibition >

Where have we started

While promoting collected unique cultural and scholarly heritage, the library has been constantly striving to work in line with the novelties of information technologies. We were the first memory institution in Lithuania, which as early as in 1998 had started creating and promoting virtual exhibitions that are presented in this section. Some exhibitions mark the dates that are significant for science and culture, others are dedicated to the jubilees of the University, the library or outstanding professors of academic community, some simply show the treasures collected at the library.

The exhibitions are not only valuable because of materials presented in them but also interesting in terms of rapidly changing digital technologies.


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