Sausio 13dToday, on 13th January, we celebrate a significant anniversary – thirty years of the defense of the restored independence of Lithuania.

The Day of the Defenders of Freedom is a good occasion to remember historical events that are still alive in the memory of people. Here, at Vilnius University Library, we have many people who participated in the events of 13th January and vividly remember the day.

Although several generations have grown up whose knowledge about the events comes only from stories, history classes, books, TV programmes, nevertheless for all of us this date marks a breakthrough moment in the restoration of the Lithuanian state.

On 13th January Lithuania not only declared its intention to be an independent state, but also it showed courage to defend its independence. The January Events of 1991 brought Lithuania into focus of the world thus showing an example to other republics of the Soviet Union.

13th January marks a breakthrough moment in the history of Lithuania, which defined its further path that we are keeping on today. While remembering those who fell victims to the fight, let us celebrate our unity, let us enjoy and honour our freedom!

Photograph: Defenders of freedom at Vilnius TV Tower (from VU Library Manuscripts Collection F233-308).


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