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Study spaces booking


Individual study spaces

Users who need a quiet place and a considerable amount of books for their studies can book individual study spaces.

At the Central Library users can book study spaces in the White Hall, Professors Reading RoomHistorical Sources Reading Room or Room for Individual work B4. Study space can be booked for a certain period of time starting from one hour and ending with 48 months. Bachelor’s and Master’s students can book an individual study space for not more than seven days. VU researchers, professors and doctoral students can book study spaces for a longer period.

There are 34 rooms for individual work at the SCIC. These rooms are very popular during the exams period so it is advisable to make bookings in advance at the beginning of a semester. Rooms for individual work can be booked only by the members of VU community. Bachelor’s or Master’s students can book a Room for Individual Work for not more than seven days. Doctoral students, researchers and lecturers/professors can book a Room for Individual Work for up to half a year.

You can also book individual study spaces in the IT laboratory. Eight study spaces have PCs with the special software: AutoCAD, CS6 Adobe Design Std 6, Matlab, Maple 16 Academic, SolidWorks, Origin Pro 8.6, Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Suite. The entire IT laboratory can be booked by VU Library users only for a short period of time – from one hour to 24 hours.

Please, note that if you want to book an individual study space for a longer than a week period, you ought to use more than 40 percent of a provided booking time (there is a shortage of individual study spaces, so they have to be used efficiently).

A provided booking time for a study space expressed in hours per week:

White Hall – 45 hours; summer vacation – 40 hours;

Professors’ Reading Room – 62 hours, summer vacation – 40 hours;

Scholarly Communication and Information Centre – 62 hours; summer vacation – 40 hours.

For more information please see Individual study spaces, premises and equipment: rules for usage.

Individualaus darbo kambarys

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Rooms for Group Work

For carrying out discussions and debates focusing on research issues, the Library offers rooms for group work at the SCIC. The rooms have a seating capacity of 4 to 8 people.

The Central Library also provides facilities for group work B1 or B2 which are situated next to the Journalism and Media Studies Reading Room. The rooms have a seating capacity of 10 to 14 people.

Each booking can last from half an hour, several hours to the whole day. Only members of VU community can use the rooms. The service is provided free of charge. If the room for group work is free, users are free to use it without prior booking.

For more information, please see Individual study spaces, premises and equipment: rules for usage.

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Seminar Rooms

You are welcome to deliver your lectures, seminars or trainings in the SCIC seminar rooms or the Central Library seminar room B3.

The SCIC seminar rooms are provided for the fixed rent prices.

Seminar rooms can be booked via Information Guide.

For more information, please see Individual study spaces, premises and equipment: rules for usage.

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Conference Hall

The SCIC is a perfect venue for the national and international research conferences, meetings, symposiums, and other events of grand scale. The modern Conference Hall has a seating capacity of 250. The space of the hall can be separated into three areas. The hall is equipped with booths for simultaneous translation and technical support, 3 stationary projectors, and an interactive speaker’s monitor.

Konferencijų salė

Conference Hall Rent prices. Booking of the hall via Internet.

For more information, please contact

Skirmantė Ivanauskaitė: (8 5) 2195050,

Ramunė Gedvilaitė: (8 5) 2195054,

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Cubes and lockers for personal belongings

If you come to the Library daily and bring along heavy bags with books, you are welcome to use a cube or a locker  where you can leave your personal belongings: borrowed books you don’t want to take home, your personal books, cups for tea or coffee et ect.

You can book a cube (a small locker with a transparent door) for one month at the  Information Desk of the SCIC.

 Kubai asmeniniams daiktams

You can book a locker for your personal belongings at the Information desk of the Central Library

Kubai asmeniniams daiktams

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Reading/Work Room for Parents and Children

Do you want to work in the library with your children? You can book a study space in the Reading Room for Parents and Children at the SCIC.

For booking please contact Information Desk at the SCIC.

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Interactive equipment


  • Seminar rooms A213, A313, A413, and A504 are supplies with stationary interactive whiteboards, which can be used both as projectors and writing boards with various interactive options.
  • An interactive speaker‘s monitor, supplied with a set of interactive functions of a whiteboard can be installed in the Seminar Room A310 or the Conference Hall.
  • Mobile interactive whiteboards which can be used both, as monitors for demonstrations or whiteboards, can be installed in every room.

Central Library:

  • An interactive speaker’s monitor supplied with a set of interactive functions of a whiteboard is used in the Seminar Room B3.

Audio and video equipment available for rent at the Central Library

For various event and meetings that take place in other locations than rooms for group work or seminar rooms, some audio and video equipment is available for rent.

The rented equipment should be used only in the premises of the Central Library.

  • Audio equipment (2 speakers and 1 wired microphone) – 8,70 € without VAT
  • Video equipment (portable video projector) – 20,30 € without VAT
  • Audio and video equipment kit – 23,20 € without VAT.