3d spausdintuvas
3D objects are printed and scanned at the SCIC in a 3D laboratory which is located in Physical Sciences Reading Room.
3D printing price calculation formula: (ax+by+cz+d)+e+VAT:
a – capacity of model material cm3
b – capacity of support material cm3
c – number of models
x – price of model material €/cm3
y – price of support material €/cm3
z – price of model base €/unit
d – electricity expenditures €
e – depreciation expenses–0,90 € per 1 hour (up to 4 hours), more than 5 hours – 0,60 € per 1 hour.
VAT – value-added tax € (21%)

Printing of one object can last from several to more than ten hours.
Scanning of 3D objects is free of charge.
Services are provided in 3D laboratory only with advance bookings by phone: 219 5064 or e-mail: .
Software used for designing 3D objects is also available at the SCIC: AutoCAD (IT laboratory) and SolidWorks (IT laboratory, Seminar Room A213).
You can book IT laboratory or the seminar room at Information guide.
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