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Reading rooms (assistance and rules)

Assistance of a librarian

You can consult with a librarian working at the Information Desk about the issues related to the Library services. 

Librarians are not available in the reading rooms the entire time – they spend only part of their working hours in the reading rooms. At other times you can use self-service facilities.


Ten rules for using reading rooms

We ask users to observe the rule of silence in the reading rooms. Please, approach the users who disregard the rule. Areas designated for loud speaking: the café, Lounge, lobbies and rooms for group work.

Coffee, tea, non-alcoholic beverages, as well as odourless snacks (chocolates, nuts, biscuits) are allowed in the reading rooms, however, it is forbidden to take odorous meals. Such meals should be taken in the café (SCIC) or Lounge.

Security cameras and guards ensure that your stay at the Library will be truly safe, but it doesn't mean that you can leave your personal belongings unattended.

Overcoats, raincoats, and other kinds of outdoor clothing, bags, cases and similar personal belongings should be kept in the cloakroom\or the lockers.

After you have finished your work, please switch off the table-lamp or floor-lamp – save electricity!

Leave your place tidy and clean. Please dispose of your rubbish by putting it into the bin.

Do not rearrange chairs, armchairs and lounge chairs. After finishing your work, please move the chair back to the desk.

If you have lost or found something while staying in the Library, please contact librarians working at the Information desk.

After taking the book out of the shelf, please put it into the nearby trolley.

The Library staff reserves the right to ask you to show your user ID card.

One of the tasks of the Library staff is to maintain order in the reading rooms, therefore, we ask users to pay attention to the remarks and suggestions of the librarians. In cases when the compromise is not reached, disciplinary actions can be taken by the Library.